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2023-01-03 | Company News



Yongkang Maikawei Tech. Co., Ltd. is located in Yongkang, Zhejiang province which is known as the hardware capital of China. Yongkang is China's largest hardware products distribution center, and also one of China's comprehensive strength strongest county. Technology to lead the trend ,the quality of leading the future ,based on the integrity of the world, details of creating excellence, Which is the company has consistently upload the spirit of enterprise.


Yongkang Maikawei Tech. Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise which integrate s scientific research, production and sales of Kids Kick Scooter,Recreational Sports Electric Intelligent Balance Car,Fitness Equipment,Family Indoor Door and so on.

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Company Story

Early in 2014 began to enter industry, because the technology for more than ten years, Mr. Hu layout development company.

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Fair Story

In 2017, our company participated in the Hong Kong Toy Fair, and Mr. Hu was invited to participate in the new product promotion meeting.

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The Benefits of Riding Children's Scooters for Kids

In a world where digital devices and sedentary activities often compete for children's attention, parents are constantly seeking ways to encourage their kids to stay active and engaged in physical activities. One excellent solution that has gained popularity in recent years is children's scooters. These two-wheeled wonders offer more than just a means of transportation; they provide a range of physical, cognitive, and social benefits that contribute to a child's overall development. Let's delve into the numerous advantages of riding children's scooters:

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